About the Northeast Offroad Vehicle Alliance

NOVA is an alliance of local offroad clubs in the Northeastern United States. The core group of clubs have been together for over 15 years, helping each other enjoy the sport we share.

Access to trails in the Northeast is very different than other parts of America, mainly due to the population density. Trail access is much more difficult to obtain. Most Northeast states have 'no motorized vehicles allowed' laws for all state land. This means trails are usually old 'roads' still on a town map, or on private land. Getting towns to keep 'roads' open and getting land owners to allow occasional access is too difficult for any individual Northeast US club. This alliance lets clubs work together to legally acquire access to trails and to keep open existing trails in use for years.

NOVA Bylaws

Note: As the formal organization of NOVA evolves, this page of the site will include...
  • More details on the reason for being and goals of NOVA.
  • Information about the way NOVA is organized and it's corporate information.